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UAV System

Shahpar is a medium range tactical UAV System with autonomous take-off and landing. It can carry various types of payloads integrated for reconnaissance and day & night surveillance. Other features include accurate lateral , longitudinal trajectory control, mission planning , management & control , geo referencing & geo pointing for terrestrial targets.

Shahpar Shahpar

Performance Characteristics

ConfigurationCanard pusher
Air Vehicle Length4.2 m
Wing Span6.6 m (22')
Gross T/O Weight480 kg
Payload Weight50 kg
Endurance> 7 hrs
Max operating Altitude5000 m (17000 ft) Approx.
Cruise Speed150kph
Maximum power of engine100hp
Data link Range (real time)250 km
Guidance / Tracking Autonomous, GPS Based (manual control channel available)
Take-off / launchAutomatic, Wheel take-off
Landing / recoveryAutomatic Landing, manual pilot and parachute option available

Main Features

  • Autonomous take-off and landing.
  • Various types of payloads integrated for reconnaissance and day & night surveillance
  • Accurate lateral and longitudinal trajectory control
  • Mission planning, management & control
  • Built-in data exploitation and dissemination
  • Full mission debriefing & simulation
  • Military standard hardware (Environmental Standard 810F)
  • Geo referencing and geo pointing for terrestrial targets
  • MISB compliant video format